Business Consulting

  • Take your business further with the right partner.

DTC is a one-stop solution for investors to do business in Costa Rica. Our purpose is to improve our clients’ lives and accelerate their success. We are a team of internationally-trained professionals with sophisticated technical expertise and a deep understanding of the Costa Rica free trade zone regime.

Setting Up Your Business In Costa Rica

We focus on fully understanding your needs, so our consulting service is direct, to the point, and specific for your successful establishment and consolidation in Costa Rica.

Free Trade Zone Regime

We are experts in successfully navigating the regulatory process of the free trade zone regime, we offer results in record time.

Corporate Service Provider

Running a new stablished company in a foreign country can be overwhelming with the different regulations and calculations required to comply with local rules. We provide outsourcing services in full compliance with the country’s commercial, tax and labor laws and especially designed for companies operating under the Free Trade Zone Regime in Costa Rica.

All our projects are carried out observing the Agile methodology, therefore: we value Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, we value working solutions over extensive documentation, we value collaboration with the client over contractual negotiation, we value response to change over following a plan.

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