The millions of data obtained from Internet browsing are processed, aggregated and anonymized to identify patterns that are useful to your industry. With the historical data and the application of algorithms, future behaviors can be predicted.

When users surf the Internet they leave an analyzable fingerprint that companies can take advantage of to get closer to people preferences, by considering this important information, your company can improve its position in the industry.

We analyze the needs and habits of your clients and, based on that we establish more effective strategies to improve your relationship with them.

Big Data is an important tool in the Digital Transformation of your commercial and marketing model. It is a much more useful and effective tool than traditional marketing analysis, where a respondent can alter their answers.

The information collected by Big Data is a “real and digital record” that can be used by the areas of innovation of your company for better decision making in terms of advertising, campaigns and product design.

And, ¿what is Big Data?

Big Data is an evolutionary term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be processed to obtain information and make better business decisions. Big Data, as a new paradigm of storage, processing, management, and data analysis, aims to locate patterns and trends that allow us to extract hidden knowledge in massive volumes of data that are generated at high speed.

It is important to keep in mind that not all companies generate Big Data. Government, banks, telecommunication, internet and retail industries generate large volumes of data because of the transactions people make with them: payments, purchases, sales, claims, call, navigation, etc. In these organizations the data is usually processed for their own use, turning them into big data that provides parameters to improve the management of the institution or to improve customer service, and, in those cases is important to have data scientics, who are capable of processing the data, convert it into information and select which is useful and which is not.

But compoanies that do not generate big data can also take advantage of Big Data by using the service provided by other industries, where data is processed, aggregated and anonymized, to help other companies and institutions that want to use them to understand the preferences of their customers.

In these cases it is not necessary to have specialists within the company since the Data Scientists of these generators / suppliers of big data do their work so that your company can know and understand the profile, needs and habits of their clients.

¿How are companies that look for Big Data in Costa Rica using it?

Taking advantage of Big Data services, different companies are at the forefront, these are companies in Costa Rica that seek to increase the consumption of their product or service, insert a new brand within the consumer market, improve the image of their brand, reposition their product in the minds of consumers, or put products and services at disposition of customers more efficiently in this new digital era.

In the media and advertising sector, the aim is to know the rating or audience level in different Internet spaces, social networks, applications and Web pages, the peak audience hours, the demographic profile and the purchasing capacity of those who browse in Internet. With these data, media and advertising agencies put at the service of their customers spaces that are more efficient to help them position their products.

Another case of use occurs in institutions, shopping centers and companies that need to improve access and time of arrival of users to their institutions or major events. The Big Data service allows you to know from which districts the people who visit them travel, on what days of the week and at what times there is more traffic to their institutions or to their most important events.

In the home-based meals sector, Big Data has also been used to estimate the market share of the main companies in this segment and define marketing actions. Using anonymous and aggregated mobile network data, from millions of calls per day, these data are extrapolated to obtain insights representative of the total population.

The millions of data obtained from Internet browsing are processed, aggregated and anonymized to identify patterns that are useful to companies.

With the historical data and the application of algorithms, future behaviors can be predicted, thus making Big Data a more useful and accurate tool than a market study where a respondent can alter their answers since the information collected by this Big Data is a “Real and digital registry” that can be used by the marketing or innovation areas of the companies for better decision making, improve the location of their stores or branches, design products as their clients want them and carry out publicity and advertising actions.