Internet of Things

Transform processes and products to reduce downtime, save energy and increase revenue through the Internet of Things.

By connecting processes or factories, simply and without interruption, your company can infer, analyze and visualize powerful operational information; including efficiency and performance data. Instead of reacting to events, your company will proactively manage them. With our platform, infrastructure and architecture are pre-configured, allowing companies to quickly start on a secure and global platform. When you connect your company with IoT, the opportunities are endless. Optimize your results in a new and intelligent way with Internet of Things, positively impacting from the efficiency of the processes to the delivery of better customer experience and the generation of new sources of income.

Process automation


Our specialized CAM services consist in the handling of the CNC machine through programming with G & M code. Starting from models and assemblies created in CAD software, the trajectories of the tools are generated to direct the teams responsible for converting the designs into physical pieces.


We have a certified team of professionals to solve your process management and information loading needs in PLM. As added value, our service includes updates and direct access to the manufacturer’s portals.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is an integral solution of 3D scanning, analysis of the information obtained, generation of a CAD files and a technical reports that provide value for your decision making in design, repair, maintenance, and measurement of the product, among others.


Building Information Modeling offers the possibility of creating or modifying a BIM model in an integral way, performing the modeling of the architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical areas to provide reliable and coordinated documentation of your project, as well as tables of materials and areas, and visualizations realistic of the project.


Our Electrical CAD services include design and electromechanical drawing using specialized CAD software that allows us to generate the necessary information for the elaboration of products and systems.

Our CAD services in mechanical design consist in creating representations of physical objects from software, in two or three dimensions, allowing to evaluate their construction and manufacturing processes. The designed components are subjected to different analyzes in order to support the consistency of their design.


On-site and on-line trainings in EdgeCAM, REVIT Architecture, MEP, Struxture, ArchiCAD, Inventro, CREO, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Mechanical Design for Manufacturing.