DTC brings to Costa Rica Blossom

January 7, 2019. Digital transformation of Educational

Blossom’s ground-breaking holistic platform for educational organizations empowers teachers, students, managers and administrators, helping them thrive in our rapidly changing world. Blossom’s holistic approach simplifies today’s complexity with one system, one login, and a single workspace zone that supports every possible functionality, while keeping sensitive data safe and secure.

Teachers and professors: Shape the minds of future generations

  • Be updated regarding student status through alerts and reports
  • Keep track of attendance and manage all your administrative needs easily and in one place
  • Centralize all the communication with students
  • Create a thriving space for discussion & sharing ideas while keeping everyone in the loop with an instant, reliable communication platform
  • Promote personalized learning
  • Provide personal care to each student and accurate intervention
  • Work less and get better results

Students: Enjoy interactive collaboration

Benefit from one platform with single access for all activities

Collaborate with classmates and enjoy social learning in groups with the advanced communication and collaboration platform

Get on-time intervention

Access your tasks, notes, knowledge center and media anytime, from anywhere, with any device

Management team: Realize your educational vision with a single view

  • Gain an online top to bottom view
  • Centralise all student and teacher information
  • Push your educational institute to greater achievements through extensive and accurately segmented insights on student and teacher performance
  • Get data & BI from a different perspective, from many locations
  • Increase the student success rate: Track your teachers’ and students’ successes and identify irregularities online with our state-of-the art evaluation and assessment tools

Administration: Administrate efficiently and manage resources intelligently

  • Administrate the staff not just the students
  • Benefit from a robust scheduling and resource planning center and smart project management
  • Save costs by using resources and teaching staff more efficiently
  • Manage many campuses
  • Computerize manual processes and save time and resources

If your institution has the vision to advance to the next digital level in this new year contact us in this link.