As governments around the world make new statements, the pandemic prompts many organizations to find ways to maintain services to their clients and ensure continuity of operations within the rapidly evolving new standards.  Our outsourcing services are your solution, we are here to help and support organizations like yours looking for answers to these challenges.

We provide high-performance IT resources. We work with hand-selected talent, customized to fit your needs at scale. We help you to fill a missing skill set or role on your team and to assemble a full team ready to follow your lead. For your data analytics needs, our team of product experts enable the collection, analyses, and UX-driven management of big data with custom software for Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecomm, and Human Resources companies.

DTC takes a 360-degree approach to design and development of digital marketing strategies, let us help you attack challenges with a strong, competitive edge. DTC uses technology to create the most effective digital marketing strategies. Our outsourcing services includes Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Community Managing and more.

We always begin by considering our client’s website objectives and then move on to IA to set a website’s information hierarchy and help guide the design process. We use several basic design principles to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout which also offers excellent user experience. After the design is approved, we create and build a fully functioning website. We use HTML or a more dynamic approach incorporating programming languages such as PHP to develop the various website pages.

We work with Esri. With ArcGIS we integrate, store, edit, analyze, share and display geographic information for informing decision making. Our services, provided through ArcGIS includes GIS, GPS, location-based services, hand-held computing, and the growing availability of geographic data, web APIs, hosted map and geoprocessing services, and a user sharing program.

We provide outsourcing services specially designed for companies operating in Costa Rica under the free trade zone regime: accounting, free trade zone reporting, labour and financial fields. The professional services we provide will support the fulfillment of your free trade zone obligations.

Running payroll in a foreign country can be overwhelming for your company with the many different regulations to follow, and calculations needed using local rules. We provide Payroll Administration services in Costa Rica in full compliance with country employment laws.